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How Much Does Netflix Cost and How to Subscribe?

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Netflix is a popular video streaming platform that has captivated audiences worldwide. From its humble beginnings as a DVD rental service by mail in the United States, Netflix has evolved into one of the leading streaming platforms globally, available in over 190 countries[^1^]. In this article, we will explore the cost of subscribing to Netflix and how to get started.

The Evolution of Netflix

Netflix was the first platform to offer mass video streaming services in Spain, allowing users to enjoy a wide variety of audiovisual content. Their catalog boasts original and licensed content, including top-notch series, movies, documentaries, children’s programs, comedy specials, and interactive content[^1^]. Whatever your preference, Netflix has something for everyone.

Subscribing to Netflix

To access Netflix’s extensive library of content, users need to sign up for a monthly paid subscription. With this subscription, you can stream content directly without the need for downloads. Whether you’re using a smart TV, tablet, or mobile phone, Netflix has got you covered[^1^]. Moreover, if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still enjoy your favorite content by downloading it for offline viewing.

Opting for a subscription means saying goodbye to pesky advertisements. However, Netflix has introduced a cheaper subscription option that includes ads[^1^]. To subscribe to Netflix, you’ll need to create an account on their official website. Simply provide an email address and password, and you’re good to go. Once your account is created, you’ll have access to a one-month free trial, available in select countries and for a limited time[^1^]. During this promotional period, you can enjoy all of Netflix’s content without any charges. If you wish to continue using Netflix after the free trial, you’ll need to choose one of the company’s current subscription plans.


Netflix Pricing and Plans in Spain

Netflix offers the following subscription plans in Spain:

  • New Basic Plan with Ads: Costs 5.49 euros per month and allows for streaming content in SD quality on a single device at a time.
  • Netflix Basic Plan: Costs 7.99 euros per month and allows for streaming and downloading content in SD (720p) on one device at a time.
  • Standard Plan: Costs 12.99 euros per month and offers streaming and downloading of content in Full HD (1080p) on two devices simultaneously. For an additional 5.99 euros per month, you can add a subscriber who doesn’t reside in the same household.
  • Premium Plan: Costs 17.99 euros per month and provides streaming and downloading of content in Ultra HD (4K) on four devices at the same time. You can add up to two additional subscribers who don’t reside in the same household for an extra 5.99 euros per month each[^1^].

Each subscription plan grants complete access to Netflix’s catalog, except for the Basic Plan with ads, which restricts some movies, series, and video games. Additionally, subscribers can change their plan at any time.

Users and Availability

Netflix allows users to create multiple profiles so that different members of the same account can maintain their own favorites list and continue watching personalized content. The platform also provides personalized recommendations based on each user’s viewing history, ensuring that the more you use Netflix, the better the content recommendations become[^1^]. You can access Netflix on a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Netflix also offers a free mobile application for Android and iOS, enabling users to enjoy content on the go, as long as they have an internet connection[^1^].

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Depending on your chosen plan (excluding the Basic Plan with ads), you can also download content to your iOS or Android mobile devices for offline viewing, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies even without an internet connection[^1^]. It’s worth noting that Netflix has recently taken measures to prevent account sharing, which is allowed on some other streaming platforms[^1^].

Netflix’s Account Control Measures

Netflix’s new account control measures aim to give users “greater control over who can access their account.” However, the main motivation behind these changes is to prevent users from splitting the cost of their subscription by allowing others to connect simultaneously[^1^]. To enforce this, users must establish their primary location by connecting their devices or the Netflix app to an IP address. This ensures that Netflix knows where the account is primarily being accessed from.

Users can still connect to Netflix from other locations, such as a hotel TV or other devices, as long as they confirm their primary residence by opening the Netflix app on their mobile devices and connecting to their home Wi-Fi network at least once a month[^1^]. By implementing these measures, Netflix aims to limit account usage to a single household. While this requirement is part of the user agreement, in the past, Netflix had been more lenient. The company had even encouraged account sharing through tweets. However, due to a decline in subscribers and economic factors, Netflix has decided to take action to address this issue. Netflix now provides a system for migrating an account to an individual paid subscription, allowing users to retain their personalized recommendations, viewing history, and other features[^1^].

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In conclusion, Netflix offers a variety of subscription plans to cater to different preferences and budgets. With its extensive library of content, personalized recommendations, and user-friendly interface, Netflix has become the go-to choice for millions of streaming enthusiasts worldwide. To learn more or to start your Netflix journey, visit Ratingperson, your reliable source for comprehensive reviews and information.

[^1^]: Original source: https://www.xataka.com/empresas-y-economia/cuanto-cuesta-netflix-como-suscribirse

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