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Discovering the Power of Deana Lawson: A Monograph Worth Exploring

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Deana Lawson is a force to be reckoned with. Her monograph published by Aperture in 2018 is a powerful testament to her artistry and solidifies her position as one of the great artists of our generation. Her photographs are a tapestry of emotions, dreams, dignity, and love, interwoven with references to the African diaspora and the trappings of everyday life. From visible scars to the tenderness of generations, every detail adds to the beauty that emanates from her work.

A Book That Speaks Volumes

As you delve into the pages of this monograph, you’ll find that there is more than meets the eye. The book’s deep burgundy cover, silky and luscious, hints at the regal experience that awaits within. Its minimalist design, adorned only with Deana Lawson’s name in gold, invites you to immerse yourself in her world without any distractions. Turning the pages, you’ll discover 40 captivating color images, accompanied by two significant written contributions.

Contextualization Through Words

The first contribution is an essay by the esteemed Zadie Smith titled “Through the Portal: Locating the Magnificent.” Smith’s poetic words vividly contextualize Lawson’s work, providing a deeper understanding of the artist’s vision. The second contribution is an extensive conversation between Lawson and fellow artist Arthur Jafa. Placed at the end of the monograph, this conversation offers readers a thoughtful conclusion, allowing them to engage directly with each image and contemplate the profound insights shared.

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Deana Lawson

Empowering the Black Body

Lawson’s work revolves around celebrating the black body, presenting domestic scenarios as magical environments. Through her lens, her subjects exude comfort and confidence in their own skin. Rather than turning the observer into a voyeur, Lawson’s photographs reflect her own presence and perspective. Each individual in front of her camera dominates the space, proudly defying the oppression that awaits them beyond the confines of their homes.

Deana Lawson

Striking a Balance Between Normalcy and Drama

Lawson’s mastery lies in her ability to transform everyday spaces into extraordinary backdrops. From backyards to bedrooms, she employs medium- and large-format processes to add a theatrical touch to her photographs. The juxtaposition of normalcy and drama is what sets her work apart and makes it immediately recognizable. While each image holds its own power, the sequencing of the images adds depth and creates a conversation between them. Snapshots and archival photography interject, providing insight into the inspiration behind Lawson’s timeless series.

Deana Lawson

Letting the Visuals Speak for Themselves

Translating the impact of Lawson’s photographs into a book is no easy feat, but this monograph succeeds brilliantly. Each image is allowed to stand on its own, forming an endless stream of visual storytelling. There are no extensive captions or explanations to distract the reader. The details are listed at the back of the book, providing reference points without interrupting the direct engagement with the visuals. With every frame, you’ll uncover new details and rediscover familiar ones.

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Deana Lawson

Embracing the Unapologetic Pursuit of Art

Despite never featuring an image of herself, Lawson’s presence is palpable throughout the monograph. Her words, presented at the very end of the book, offer further insights into her unwavering dedication to her craft. “Someone said that I’m ruthless when it comes to what I want,” Lawson reveals in her conversation with Jafa. “Maybe that’s part of it: I have an image in mind that I have to make. It burns so deeply that I have to make it, and I don’t care what people are going to think.”

Discover the power of Deana Lawson’s artistry, unraveled through the pages of this captivating monograph. Immerse yourself in her world, where emotions run deep, dreams come alive, and the resilience of the human spirit shines through. Experience the magic of Deana Lawson’s vision, available at Ratingperson.

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