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Henderson County Detention Center: Find Inmates and Jail Roster

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Are you trying to locate someone who is in jail in Henderson County? The Henderson County Detention Center provides a simple and efficient way to search for information about inmates. Whether you need details about their criminal charges, bond information, or even their public mugshot, this article will guide you through the process.

How to Search for an Inmate in Henderson County Detention Center

To search for an inmate in the Henderson County Detention Center, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Jail Roster
  2. Look up the offender’s criminal charges
  3. Find out their bond
  4. View their public mugshot

For the information you are looking for, click on the link below or call the facility at Jail: 270-827-5560.

Henderson County Detention Center Inmate Search

Inmate Services and Facility Information

If you need additional inmate services or facility information such as directions, visiting an inmate, sending money, mailing, emailing, texting, receiving phone calls, or sending commissary, click the link below.

Henderson County Detention Center Inmate Services Information

  • Phone: Jail: 270-827-5560
  • Physical Address: 380 Borax Drive, Henderson, KY 42420
  • Mailing Address (personal mail): Inmate’s first and last name, Henderson County Detention Center, 380 Borax Drive, Henderson, KY 42420

Inmate Statistics in Henderson County

Every year, Henderson County law enforcement agencies arrest and detain approximately 10,860 offenders. On any given day, the county-wide custody holds an average of 543 inmates. Interestingly, the weekly turnover rate of inmates is approximately 55%, meaning that more than half of these inmates are released every week and replaced with new offenders being booked into jail.

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The charts below provide a breakdown of the men, women, races, ethnicities, and types of crimes for people arrested and incarcerated in both Henderson County and state prisons throughout the country. The information is compiled from local police, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department, the state of Kentucky, and the United States Department of Justice and Census Bureau.

If you are looking for a prisoner in Kentucky or Federal custody, refer to the appropriate institution below.

Inmate Demographics in US State Prisons

The following tables display the total number of inmates in US state prisons by race/ethnicity and their specific offenses on 9/15/2023:

  • Total Inmates
  • Violent Inmates
  • Murderers
  • Violent Negligent Manslaughter Inmates
  • Violent Robbery Inmates
  • Violent Aggravated/Simple Assault Inmates
  • Other Violent Inmates
  • Total Property Crime Inmates
  • Burglary Inmates
  • Larceny & Theft Inmates
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Inmates
  • Fraud Inmates
  • Other Property Crime Inmates
  • Total Drug Related Inmates
  • Inmates Convicted of Drug Possession
  • Inmates Convicted of Drug Dealing/Manufacturing
  • Total ‘Public Order’ Related Inmates
  • Inmates Convicted on Illegal Weapon Possession
  • Inmates Convicted of Multiple DUI/DWI
  • Inmates Convicted of Other ‘Public Order’ Felonies
  • Total Number of Inmates Convicted of Unspecified Felonies

Remember, if you are specifically looking for inmates in Henderson County, use the links provided for accurate and up-to-date information.

Stay informed and access the Henderson County Detention Center inmate search and jail roster effortlessly.

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