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Jamie Brenner Books: A Journey Through Historical Fiction and Romance

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In the realm of historical fiction and romance, Jamie Brenner has established herself as a talented American author. With a unique perspective and captivating storytelling, Brenner has garnered a loyal following. In this article, we will explore her notable works, including “The Gin Lovers” series and her standalone novels.

The Gin Lovers Series: A Glimpse into the Jazz Age

Jamie Brenner’s literary debut came with the publication of her first book, “The Gin Lovers,” in 2012. This engaging novel is the first installment in a series of six novels set during the jazz age at the height of Prohibition. The story revolves around the main character, Charlotte Delacorte, a socialite immersed in the vibrant New York scene.

Despite her high society status and marital ties, Charlotte leads a cloistered and lonely life in her Fifth Avenue Townhouse. With an overbearing and controlling husband, she yearns for something more. If you enjoy historical fiction with a touch of drama and romance, the “Gin Lovers” series will undoubtedly captivate you.

Standalone Novels: Exploring New Dimensions

In addition to the “Gin Lovers” series, Jamie Brenner has also written standalone novels that showcase her versatility as an author. Her book “Ruin Me” delves into the complexities of human nature, while “The Wedding Sisters” takes readers on a journey through the intricacies of family dynamics.

Brenner’s works are not limited to a single genre, as demonstrated by “The Forever Summer,” a novel published by Little and Brown, and “The Husband Hour.” These standalone novels provide fresh narratives and thought-provoking storylines that will leave readers wanting more.

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Unraveling the “Gin Lovers” Series

Let’s dive deeper into the enchanting world of the “Gin Lovers” series. The first book, aptly titled “The Gin Lovers,” introduces us to Charlotte Delacorte, a socialite who seemingly has it all. However, beneath the polished facade lies a woman torn between the societal expectations of the Victorian era and the spirit of independence embodied by the age of jazz.

Set in 1925, Charlotte’s life takes an unexpected turn when her husband’s younger sister, Mae, enters the scene. Mae’s free-spirited nature and rebellious attitude breathe life into Charlotte’s isolated existence. As their world expands, Charlotte finds herself drawn to a mysterious stranger, Jake Larkin, who challenges her commitment to her marriage.

Will Charlotte navigate this new world while remaining true to her husband, or will love lead her astray? Join Charlotte on her journey to discover her true desires in this exciting first novel of the “Gin Lovers” series by Jamie Brenner.

Little White Lies: A Sequel Shrouded in Mystery

Continuing the saga of the “Gin Lovers” series, Jamie Brenner’s second book, “Little White Lies,” immerses readers in the mid-twenties of America. Charlotte Delacourte’s glamorous life in high society begins to crumble as she uncovers secrets hidden by her husband, William. With her marriage teetering on the edge, Charlotte must decide whom to trust and where her heart truly lies.

Caught between the seductive allure of the New York jazz scene and the desire for a fresh start, Charlotte finds herself entangled in a web of uncertainty. Will she choose loyalty to her husband or succumb to the irresistible charms of Jake Larkin, the mysterious bartender of a secret speakeasy?

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In this white-hot sequel, Jamie Brenner skillfully explores the complexities of trust, passion, and personal growth. Join Charlotte as she embarks on a thrilling adventure that will forever alter her life.


Jamie Brenner has crafted a captivating world filled with historical drama, romance, and self-discovery. Through her “Gin Lovers” series and standalone novels, she invites readers to explore different time periods and engage with relatable, multifaceted characters.

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