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“The Good Bad Mother: The Hilarious Drama about Motherhood Lands on Netflix”

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Motherhood is a journey filled with unpredictable twists and turns, and “The Good Bad Mother” is here to portray it in the most outrageous and comedic way possible. This new Korean series, now available on Netflix, takes a refreshing approach to exploring the complexities of motherhood. Unlike intense thrillers or stories based on real-life experiences, “The Good Bad Mother” showcases a toxic, possessive, and incredibly damaging side of motherhood with a touch of originality. It poses the question, what would happen if someone who has already raised their child suddenly had to do it all over again due to an accident?

Under the direction of Shim Na-yeon, this series delves into the emotional and realistic aspects of unexpected motherhood. It bravely tackles honest topics and explores the emotional challenges that come with the territory. It manages to strike the perfect balance between light-hearted comedy and a topic rarely discussed in such a comedic manner. It’s no wonder that this drama has captured the hearts of Korean audiences since its debut in its home country.

What is “The Good Bad Mother” about?

After an unexpected accident, a prestigious prosecutor returns to his hometown to live with his mother. With lingering effects from the accident, the prosecutor suffers from amnesia, regressing to a childlike state of mind. His mother, a single mother who dedicated herself to raising her son, must now care for him once again. From this point forward, both characters embark on a journey to rebuild their relationship.

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Where can you watch “The Good Bad Mother”?

“The Good Bad Mother” is a production of the renowned Korean television network JTBC. It premiered in South Korea on April 26th, with weekly episodes airing until June 8th. However, for Latin American viewers, this heartwarming drama can be found exclusively on Netflix starting from May 20th.

The cast of “The Good Bad Mother”

Leading the cast is the talented South Korean actress, known locally for her roles in “Dance Town,” “Black Dog: Being A Teacher,” and “Internal Medicine Director Park.” She takes on the role of Jin Young-soon, a single mother who must navigate her son’s unexpected return home.

Lee Do-hyun, whom viewers may recognize from his recent appearance in Netflix’s “The Glory,” as well as acclaimed productions like “Prison Playbook,” “Sweet Home,” and “Melancholia,” portrays Choi Kang-ho. He is a prosecutor who loses his memory after the accident.

Also joining the cast is Lee Mi-joo, a Korean actress known for her work in series such as “Kingdom,” “Only One Person,” and “Diary of a Prosecutor.” She plays an old friend of Choi Kang-ho’s who helps him through his journey.

Additionally, the actor and model who debuted in “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” and gained popularity in the Netflix series “We Are Dead” takes on the role of Bang Sam-shik. He is the rebellious character in the town, perpetually enamored with Lee Mi-joo.

The trailer for “The Good Bad Mother”

The trailer offers a glimpse into the mother-son relationship between Jin Young-soon and Choi Kang-ho. It teases the hilarious dynamics that have made this Korean series a sensation in its home country and promises the same entertainment for Netflix viewers.

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If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted yet thought-provoking series that explores the complexities of motherhood in a whole new light, “The Good Bad Mother” is the perfect choice. Stream it now on Netflix and immerse yourself in a world where laughter and chaos intertwine.


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