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Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan: A Rising Star on Baddies South

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Zeus Network’s hit series Baddies South has swept the screens since its premiere on June 12, 2022. One of the fresh faces making waves on the show is Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan. Get ready to witness her conquer the Dirty South and learn all there is to know about this rising star.

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan on Baddies South

Following the success of Baddies: ATL, which aired in 2021, Baddies South takes the spotlight as the second season of the popular Baddies series. Production kicked off in April 2022, with filming taking place across various cities in the Southern United States. Teaser and full trailers were released on May 16 and June 5, 2022, respectively.

Just like her fellow cast members, Scotlyn couldn’t contain her excitement as the premiere date approached. She eagerly awaited the world to witness her journey. Joining Scotlyn on this dynamic series is Natalie Nunn, who not only stars in the show but also serves as its executive producer.

An impressive lineup of talent adds to the mix, including vlogger, dancer, model, and U.S. Navy veteran Elliadria “Persuasian” Griffin, along with “Bad Girls” Briana “Bri” Walker and Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier. Season 2 of One More Chance on Zeus TV featured Sashanna “Slim” McLaurin, and professional clout chaser Anne Moore. Gia “Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz” Mayham and Chrisean Rock Malone, known as the “First Lady of Blueface LLC,” complete the ensemble. Together, these ladies embark on an adventure aboard a lavish tour bus, immersing themselves in the vibrant and wild culture of the South, while showcasing why they are the “baddest” girls around.

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Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan boasts a net worth of over $500,000. Her revenue streams include her OnlyFans account, @scottyhotty, where she monetizes her explicit content through subscription bundles ranging from $25 per month to $210 for a 12-month package. Beyond OnlyFans, Scotty earns a living as a fitness trainer, model, brand ambassador, host, influencer, and TV personality. She even established her own company, Snatched LLC, which offers workout challenges and more, as showcased on Instagram @officialsnatchedgoals.

Snatched’s online store features a range of items, such as the Snatched Online Program for $25, 1 on 1 In-Person Monthly Training, the Banging Body Challenge starting at $15, and 1 on 1 In-Person Training Sessions for $35.

Scotlyn’s educational background includes studies at Eastern Kentucky University, which she began in 2016, and prior to that, she attended Leesville Road High School.

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan Relationship Status

As of now, Scotlyn’s current relationship status remains a mystery. Fans eagerly await updates to see if she’s seeing someone, but she has yet to hint at any romantic involvement or discuss past relationships.

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan’s Age

Born in 1997, Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan turned 25 in 2022. Her youthful energy and vibrant personality make her a standout on Baddies South.

Scottlyn “Scotty” Ryan’s Social Media Presence

For fans looking to connect with Scotlyn, you can find her on Instagram as @thescotlyndryan, where she shares 19 posts and boasts a followership of 15,000 as of June 16, 2022. In her Instagram bio, Scotty mentions that she deleted her previous account, which had amassed 124,000 followers.

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Scottlyn also actively engages with her followers on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @ScotlyndRyan and enjoys a following of 15,100. On TikTok, you can find her captivating content under the username @scottywdabody, where she amasses a fanbase of 38,600. She mentions on both platforms that these accounts follow the aftermath of having deleted her previous Instagram account, which had reached 250,000 followers.

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan and Plastic Surgery Rumors

While Scotlyn has not addressed the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her, speculation continues to circulate. Some believe she may have undergone multiple procedures, but the truth remains unknown. However, she did openly share undergoing surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed back in December 2015.

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan’s Ethnicity

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan’s ethnicity has sparked discussion, with some suggesting she has mixed heritage, while others believe she is of Caucasian descent. To date, Scotty has not commented on her ethnicity, leaving room for interpretation.

Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Is Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan’s Birthday? Scotlyn celebrates her birthday on February 16, making her an Aquarius. Aquarius individuals born on this day are known for their charm, romantic nature, and elusive personalities.

  • Where Is Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan From? As of 2022, Scotlyn is based in Charlotte, a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina. It is possible that she was also born and raised in this vibrant city.

  • How Tall Is Scotlyn “Scotty” Ryan? Scotlyn stands below 5’6″ tall, showcasing her hourglass figure. A true fitness enthusiast, she embraces her love for the gym and considers it a drug that keeps her “high as f*ck.”

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