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Auction Kings: A Look into the Present Lives of the Cast

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Auction Kings: Where Are They Now?

Discovery Channel’s ‘Auction Kings’ took viewers on a captivating journey into the world of Gallery 63, an Atlanta-based auction house. From historical artifacts to rare antiques and modern curiosities, the show offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fascinating realm of auctioning. Although it has been several years since the final episode aired, fans often wonder what the cast members are up to now. Let’s dive into the details and catch up with the stars of the show.

Where is Paul Brown Now?

Paul Brown

Paul Brown, the former owner of Gallery 69, catapulted into the public eye when the show unexpectedly approached him. Since the conclusion of ‘Auction Kings,’ Brown hosted ‘Endless Yard Sale’ for GAC before returning to the auctioning world. He remains actively involved and recently made an appearance at the Premier Spring Estate Auction on April 6th, 2021. Overcoming cancer in 2018, Brown’s resilience and positive outlook promise many fulfilling years ahead.

Where is Cindy Shook Now?

Cindy Shook

Cindy Shook, the beloved office and inventory manager, made a lasting impression on viewers with her hard work and pleasant demeanor. Following the conclusion of ‘Auction Kings,’ Shook ventured into acting and starred as Gloria in ‘Prodigal The Aftermath.’ Tragically, she passed away on February 24, 2021. She leaves behind a legacy of love, having been married to Darian Lewis Webb for 27 years and blessed with two sons and a grandson. May she rest in eternal peace.

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Where is Jon Hammond Now?

Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond, the assistant manager and picker at Gallery 63, played an essential role in the show’s operations. While not much is known about his current endeavors, Hammond continues to thrive professionally. His IMDb page mentions his marriage to Whitney Hammond and their three children. With his determination and standout qualities, we can only imagine the success he will continue to achieve.

Where is Delfino Ramos Now?

Delfino Ramos

Delfino Ramos, the skilled repairman at Gallery 69, remains dedicated to his craft. His exceptional ability to fix anything earned him the admiration of his peers and audience alike. Ramos continues to work at Gallery 69, diligently mending items for optimal bidding prices. With a private personal life, Ramos focuses on his work and remains an invaluable member of the team.

Where are Jason Brooks and Guerry Wise Now?

Jason Brooks and Guerry Wise

Jason Brooks and Guerry Wise, the dynamic duo of auctioneers, continue to excel in the industry. Brooks now owns Wesley Kay Auctioneers, while Wise proudly owns an antique gallery in Cumming, Georgia. Both thriving professionally, they showcase their individual talents as they continue to pursue successful careers as auctioneers.

Where is Bob Brown Now?

Bob Brown, the owner of Red Baron Antiques, remains deeply immersed in his passion for antique furniture. Throughout his appearances on ‘Auction Kings,’ Brown’s humor brought joy to viewers. He made additional on-screen appearances in the TV series ‘Baggage Battles’ in 2012. Today, he continues to work at Red Baron, indulging in his lifelong career with dedication and enthusiasm.

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Where is Elijah Brown Now?

Elijah Brown

Elijah Brown, the son of Paul Brown, made intermittent appearances on the show, displaying an interest in the auction business. Since then, he has taken on significant responsibilities, becoming the owner of Gallery 69 and founding The Essence Project, a firm providing financial services. Elijah’s journey in antiquing, comedy, and art is chronicled on his YouTube channel, promising a bright future filled with success.

Where are Steve and Ernie Garrett Now?

Steve and Ernie Garrett, the outspoken and outlandish brothers, left a lasting impression on fans. As ‘antique pickers,’ they embarked on exciting treasure hunts for Gallery 69. Since the show, they have continued their rise as appraisers and are proud owners of Garrett Brothers Antiques and Collectables in Ray, Michigan.

Where is Dr. Lori Now?

Dr. Lori Verderame

The highly regarded Dr. Lori Verderame, known for her expertise as an antique appraiser, has achieved great success beyond ‘Auction Kings.’ With a charismatic personality and vast knowledge, she has made numerous appearances on popular shows and hosted her own events. Dr. Lori’s future shines bright as she continues to captivate audiences with her expertise and humor.

Where is Greg Henderson Now?

Greg Henderson, an appraiser specializing in antique guitars, has continued his passion for antiquing and music. His store, ‘Greg’s Vintage Guitars Atlanta,’ is a haven for guitar enthusiasts and offers a wide range of instruments and equipment. Located in Marietta, Georgia, Henderson’s successful business allows him to pursue his love for music and antiquing.

Whether they are continuing their careers in the auctioning world, pursuing new ventures, or cherishing cherished memories, the cast of ‘Auction Kings’ has left an indelible mark on viewers. Although the show has concluded, their contributions to the industry and their personal journeys remain worthy of admiration.

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