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I’m here to address some frequently asked questions about Worm. Let’s dive in:

Will the story stay this dark?

I understand that you might be curious about the tone of the story going forward. However, I purposely avoid answering questions like these to prevent any spoilers. Part of the excitement of reading Worm is discovering the twists and turns as you go. So, my suggestion is to keep reading, make inferences from the text, and wait for future updates.

Will there be an ebook version?

Absolutely! I plan to self-publish Worm as an ebook once the story is complete. However, before that happens, I want to make sure the story is polished and edited to the best of my abilities. So, stay tuned for further updates on the availability of the ebook.

Can I have an ebook version for free?

I appreciate your interest, but unfortunately, I won’t be distributing free copies of the ebook. There are people out there who engage in unethical practices, claiming others’ work as their own. To minimize the risk of this happening, I prefer not to make the ebook easily accessible. Please understand my concerns.

If you want to receive updates on the release of the polished version, feel free to send me an email at Wildbowpig@gmail.com with the subject line “WormPublishNews.” For all the latest Worm news, use the subject line “WormNews.”

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Fanart. Fanfics. You okay with it?

Absolutely! I love seeing fan contributions, whether it’s fanart or fanfics. However, I kindly request that you give proper credit and mention that your work is inspired by Worm. It’s essential to clarify that you don’t claim ownership of the characters, setting, or ideas from the story. If you have any plans to monetize your fan creations, please reach out to me first. Generally, my answer will lean towards “no,” but let’s discuss it further.

What’s the Missing Interlude? What happened?

The Missing Interlude was an attempt at writing while dealing with numerous distractions. I was amidst weeks filled with family events, and my home was undergoing renovations. Given the circumstances, it was challenging to find a peaceful writing environment.

On any given day, objectivity is hard to achieve when judging the quality of a chapter. Interestingly, some chapters that I anticipated would be poorly received turned out to be some of my best-received ones. However, there are instances when tiredness gets the best of me, and I have to overlook certain details in the rush to publish a chapter. It’s either skipping research or assuming that readers will fill in the gaps.

The Missing Interlude occurs after the Echidna arc and involves a Tattletale clone who encounters Shatterbird and Vista before escaping and joining Weld’s new team. Although I initially published it, the response from readers made me realize that I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. Hence, I decided to take it down. Here are the problems I identified:

  • The introduction of the character was poorly executed, taking place over two offscreen moments.
  • The character’s presence didn’t contribute to the overall story.
  • The tone of the story suffered due to the character’s introduction, creating a discordant moment when things should have been easing down.
  • The character’s behavior didn’t align with the established setting, particularly regarding the patience of other clones.
  • The scenario in which the character was involved felt forced and unbelievable, such as joining the Irregulars without much questioning after anti-Stranger measures were established.
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It’s important to note that the Missing Interlude is no longer considered canon. However, the story will continue to allude to events that occurred during that time, excluding the introduction of the ill-conceived villain.

Since starting Worm, there has only been one similar incident in Chapter 7.9. I realized that it was a bit too frantic and description-heavy, so I pulled an all-nighter to rewrite it before most readers woke up. It became a running joke that the revised version was the official canon. (See Chapter 8.8 for the rationale behind it)

Worm ends!? When!?

I’m happy to inform you that Worm has already concluded! The final update is available for you to enjoy. Wow, what a journey!

What’s next?

The next installment after Worm is called Ward. So if you’re hungry for more captivating storytelling, stay tuned for the upcoming Ward series.

Remember, for all things related to Worm, head over to Ratingperson.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure.

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