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Peanut – The Ultimate Multi-Sport Expedition Trailer

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Peanut – Multi-Sport Expedition Trailer

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the perfect camping companion? Look no further than the Peanut Expedition Trailer. Versatile and modular, this trailer can be customized to meet your specific needs, making it the ideal choice for two to four people to camp comfortably, whether at a campground or in the rugged outback.

The Perfect Base Trailer

At the core of the Peanut Expedition Trailer is a 100% fully welded aluminum base. This not only guarantees a lightweight trailer but also ensures a lifetime of durable service. Unlike other expedition trailers, the Peanut starts with a 5×8 platform, extending the tongue by two feet. This design provides better towing at highway speeds and offers twice the storage space of a typical unit.

  • Dimensions: 60″w x 96″l x 40″h
  • All-Aluminum Construction
  • 1″ Aluminum Extruded Floor
  • 3500# HD Timbren Axleless axles and electric brakes
  • Jeep-style fenders, fits up to 37″ tire
  • Comes Standard with Black Linex Textured Urethane Coatings
  • Extended tongue for tongue box
  • Tongue Box with divider, gas struts, compression latches, vents
  • Adjustable hitch for interchangeable hitches
  • 7-way RV style plug
  • LED lighting
  • Tongue jack, battery breakaway, and safety chains
  • (4) jacks, one for each corner with side-wind handle
  • 2″ rear receiver hitch
  • Freight not included

Roof Rack Options and Notes:

  1. Fixed Height Roof Top Tent Rack: All aluminum construction, customizable in height to accommodate any tent of your choice, including annex rooms.

  2. Electric Height Adjustment for Roof Rack: This innovative feature includes sliding tube construction and four electrical motors that can be easily adjusted. In addition, it retains all manual height adjustment features.

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Customizable Options and Modules:

Rooftop tent

The Peanut Expedition Trailer can be equipped with any RTT (Roof Top Tent) of your choice. Its adjustable frame is strong enough to support the largest tents available, providing you with a comfortable and elevated sleeping space. Plus, the frame’s height adjustability accommodates most annex rooms.

Peanut Trailer

Cooking module

For those who love to cook outdoors, the Peanut Expedition Trailer offers a cooking module. This module includes a side-mounted aluminum box housing a Partner propane stove, ensuring quick and easy meal preparation. With the high-quality stainless steel stove, you can enjoy delicious meals while camping.

Cooking Module - for Expedition Trailer
Cooking Module - for Expedition Trailer
Cooking Module - for Expedition Trailer

Refrigerator module

Never worry about ice again with the Peanut Expedition Trailer’s refrigerator module. It includes an ARB cooler, a slide-out tray, a cooler cover, and a 12-volt connection. This module ensures your perishables stay fresh throughout your camping adventures.

Refrigerator / Freezer Module for Expedition Trailer

12 volt system module

To power all your 12-volt devices and appliances, the Peanut Expedition Trailer offers a two-deep cycle battery system with an onboard charging system. This reliable system keeps all your onboard items running strong while you’re on the road.

Zamp solar, GreenLiFE lithium, Noco

Hot Shower module

Enjoy the luxury of a hot shower wherever you go with the Peanut Expedition Trailer’s hot shower module. Choose from either an Eccotemp or Joolca water heater, both of which come with water and propane connection hoses. Say goodbye to cold showers and embrace the comfort of an instant hot water system.

Hot Shower module for expedition trailer

Invertor Module

Bring the conveniences of home on your camping trips with the 2000 watt constant power, 4000 watt peak power 12-volt to 110-volt inverter unit. This module ensures you have the power you need to run your essential appliances, even when you’re off the grid.

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Invertor Module

Fresh Water Module

Stay hydrated and enjoy the comforts of running water with the Peanut Expedition Trailer’s fresh water module. Choose between a 25-gallon or 50-gallon water system, complete with a 12-volt demand pump, city water connection, and two outside faucets. With this module, you can have a hot shower even in remote areas without water hookups.

Fresh Water Module

Solar Charging Module

For extended periods of time in the outback, where electricity is scarce, the Peanut Expedition Trailer offers a solar charging module. This module includes a 100-watt solar panel and regulator system designed to charge the 12-volt batteries. With this module, you can keep your trailer powered up and ready for any adventure.

Solar Charging Module

LED light Module

Illuminate your campsite after dark with the Peanut Expedition Trailer’s 12-volt LED lighting. This module ensures you have ample light throughout the trailer, making your camping experience safe and enjoyable.

Overland trailer switch panel
spod, electric controller, overland trailer

Storage Drawer Module

Accessing your camping gear inside the Peanut Expedition Trailer is a breeze, thanks to the oversized heavy-duty full extension drawer at the back doors. This module ensures that all your gear is easily accessible and neatly organized.

Storage Drawer Module

8’ Side Mounted Awning

Stay shaded on sunny days and dry during rainy camping trips with the Peanut Expedition Trailer’s 8′ side-mounted awning. This spacious awning provides the perfect outdoor space, whether you’re relaxing or entertaining.

Tire and Wheel Options

Tell us about your vehicle’s tire and wheel specifications, and we’ll match them or provide adapters to ensure a perfect fit. The Peanut Expedition Trailer’s fenders are designed to accommodate up to a 37″ tire.

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Several other options available – We can build the Peanut Expedition Trailer to suit your unique wants and needs. Contact us to discuss all available options.

Pricing, options, measurements, materials & design – At Ratingperson, we strive to provide you with the best product and experience. Please note that pricing, options, measurements, materials, and design are subject to change without notice.

California Prop 65 Warning

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